Friday, September 28, 2007

new car

We got a new car this week. Okay, really, Naomi got a new car this week. It's a used car but in good condition. It's red and yellow and she loves it. She'll never have to worry about losing her keys or filling up the gas tank! She can't walk yet but she can drive. Okay, she can't really drive yet either. Her feet didn't touch the ground. But she loved being pushed in the car.

Naomi also got a stove this week. She loves to play with the fruit and bowls. She made pears for you all to try...This little stove can entertain her for hours! I love it! and she does too. She also got a little shopping cart...which I haven't shown her yet. All these things came from a lady at church who is known at the garage sale guru. If you need something, let her know and she'll find it...and for a great price too.

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