Monday, September 03, 2007

loooong video

Don't say I didn't warn you. This is a four minute long video. But I think it's worth watching. But of course I do, it's of my daughter .... duh! Anyway, it's funny to watch Naomi play and I seriously wish I could tell what she was thinking. She sat and played with this bus for 10 minutes at LEAST and I'm not exagerating. She really does have a one track mind sometimes. If she's really into something she'll just keep exploring it and playing with it. It's so fun to watch. So you have to watch the video to the end...or at least fast forward to the end. She stands up and picks up the bus. Okay, it's only for a split second but it's pretty cool to see your kid try and conquer new things! So here's my four minutes of brag time for the day!

Thanks for the bus Jenny...she loves it! Thanks for Noah's ark and the farm too, she plays with them lots! She loves to open and shut the doors! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!

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