Monday, September 03, 2007


Friday night Greg got to help Josh with a jr. high lock-in (but he only stayed till 1:00am). During this lock-in they played many games, including hide-n-seek, in the gym, in the dark. Everyone hid and then the hunt was on. However, no one could seem to find Pastor T. So they looked some more and finally told him to come out because he had won. So, where was he hiding? Under the risers/stage in the front of the gym. Then it was his turn to be "it". So he counted and then looked and looked and found all the kids but could not find Josh. Where was he hiding? Under the inflatable jumper thing. Then it was Josh's turn to be "it" and everyone hid and then Josh did the looking and again, no one seemed to be able to find Pastor T. They turned the lights on because they were done looking for him. He was lying on three chairs and had managed to push those chairs back under the table. Nice work grown men, you beat a bunch of Jr. High kids at hide-n-seek. Next, you should be able to conquer the world!

At midnight they went and played a game at Wal-Mart...the catch. They all had to wear eye patches. I guess they had a great time playing the game but everyone at Wal-Mart looked at them funny....but isn't that kinda normal for Wal-Mart? So Greg brought his eye patch home and Naomi had a go at it.
But she didn't really like it!

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