Thursday, September 13, 2007

lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Amy and I ventured to the zoo today with three kids in tow. Jake (4), Sophia (19months) and Naomi (11months) were all set and ready for a day of animal sightings. We started off with flamingos and made our way to the more ferocious animals like bears, tigers and elephants. We had a lot of fun walking around, pointing out the different animals and talking. We went to the bug exhibit, the reptiles, and the fish. I think we saw just about every animal that the zoo holds (but probably not). The animals were very active and alert so that made it even more fun. The lion and hyena were very loud but as soon as we got to them they stopped making the noises...go figure. We even took a train ride around the zoo.

Although this was a large, well maintained zoo (they're also building a new area for the elephants and such called Africa something or other) it doesn't compete with the St. Louis zoo. Yes, the St. Louis zoo is free which is one of the major perks but some of the exhibits are just done better. Like in St. Louis you can actually see the hippos from underwater which is pretty cool. Here you just got to see their backs as they floated in the water. But it's all well and good and we had a great time! Next time we'll have to take Greg! Thanks for the fun day Amy, I know Naomi had a great time too...she slept for two and a half hours after we got home!

Enjoy lots of pictures from our day and don't make fun of my lame captions!

Jake said the funniest thing this morning when he saw Naomi's pigtails. He said that she had "little mountains on her head." Kids say the darndest things!

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Dana said...

So your zoo has a baby elephant too. That must be the thing - Louisville, St. Louis, Houston, Cincinatti (we visited all of them this summer) and now San Antonio.