Monday, September 17, 2007

it's official!!!!

We are now official residents of Texas! After a few months of trying to get everything done in order to become residents of the Lone Star State we are finally finished! First we got the van inspected, then got license plates for the van. Two weeks later we got the car inspected and got license plates for the car. Today we went to the DMV and got our driver's license's. Okay, we didn't really get the driver's license's today but we got a piece of paper that will act as our license until we get the real ones in the mail in 2-4 weeks. What's up with that? Everywhere else we've ever gotten license's for we've gotten them on site. Whatever, Texas is weird. So 478 dollars later we are official! We can vote too. Go us!

We also stopped by the WOAI studio today to get my free movie/dinner tickets. It was not what I expected...but so much more! We got FOUR free movie tickets and vouchers for $80 worth of food! (There is a resturant with the movie theatre in case you were wondering.) So we can have two dates!!! YAY for us. I guess I'll have to watch San Antonio Living more often on Fridays and try to win things!!

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