Sunday, September 16, 2007

i feel happy when...

So Naomi's new friends Jake and Sophia get to go to "school." Sophia goes one morning a week and Jake goes three mornings a week. In Jake's class they were making a book about when they feel happy. Each child made a page and then they were all assembled into one book. Each child then got to take the book home for a couple of days to share with their family. Jake brought the book home this weekend. As Amy read through the book she came to Jake's page and it read, "I feel happy when Naomi comes home to play." She figured it meant comes OVER to play but we get it. It's his home and Naomi has gone over there to play a few times. I was so surprised to see that Jake was so happy to have Naomi come over to play. It's so fun to know what's going on inside the minds of little kids. I really wish I knew what Naomi was thinking most of the time. Like when we're in the car and she just starts laughing...what is she laughing at? Anyway, I was so excited to see that Jake likes Naomi and maybe there's a little crush there...what do you think Amy? Okay, I'm just kidding. Naomi is like another little sister to Jake. It's just cute. Anyway, here's the page. The drawing is of, Amy, Jake, Sophia and Naomi...don't ask me who is who.Here are some of my other favorites from the book. Again, makes you wonder what kids think about...but here it is, as clear as day.
I feel happy because I have two ears. (as opposed to three or just one?)
I feel happy when I go to school and there's no bugs. (what school did he used to go to?)
I feel happy when my daddy gives me food. (it's always important to eat)Thanks for letting me borrow the book to photograph Amy...I can't wait to show it to Naomi when she gets bigger!

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Dana said...

Kids do make you laugh with their comments. Michael and Emily are always coming up with things to make me laugh - just the other night when Emily was calling a friend to ask them to buy magazines, they bought one and she said, "You know you can buy more than just one." She said it straight faced and I just burst out laughing. What a salesgirl already. ;) Today Michael sold some to Doug's boss and when he did it he said, "You know, I only need 4 to go on the limo ride - so do you need 4 magazines?"

You just have to laugh - or be totally embarassed by their honesty.

As a teacher I see lots of funny comments also.