Thursday, September 06, 2007

exciting creative news

So I know this won't mean anything to most of you that read this blog but I am excited to tell you anyway. I have been chosen to be on Sasha Jane's creative team. What this means in the digital scrapbooking world is that I will be able to use Sasha Jane's digital scrapbooking products free of charge to create layouts to promote her awesome work. I "have" to create at least two layouts a month and post them in three different scrapbooking galleries. I am very excited for this opportunity and can't wait to work with Sasha's great stuff! She's from Wisconsin too so that makes her automatically cool in my book! So here's the first two pages I did with her stuff.
You can find all of Sasha Jane's great designs at My Digital Muse.

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Dana said...

Congratulations! I guess that means now you have to scrapbook - I am sure you are so disappointed. :) Have a good weekend.