Thursday, September 13, 2007

busy week

This has been a busy week with something happening every night. Sunday night we had an event at church. It was called meet the Pastor. We got to tell everyone a little bit about ourselves and then socialize. They are breaking everyone up according to their elders and we will be doing this for two more weeks.

Monday, is Greg's day off so we enjoyed the time at home and got some things done around here. Also did some shopping (grocery) for all the events that were coming up.

Tuesday night was our Sr. Youth small groups which we hosted at our house...and I lead them. Four lovely ladies came and we enjoyed some food and fellowship and then watched one of Ken Ham's videos about evolution and had a great discussion. It was Elizabeth's birthday (9/11) so we celebrated with cake...and Shannon's was the day before (9/10).
Elizabeth and Shannon
Rachel, Elizabeth, Elizabeth and Shannon
Wednesday night I re-started my career as a ding-a-ling. I joined the handbell choir! We practice on Wednesdays from 6:20-7:20. Greg has adult information class at 7:15. So he gets to hang out with Naomi and then bring her to church and she gets to watch the end of our practice before I take her home. It was nice to be able to play's been years. I don't read music well so the director (Donald) is going to mark it for me!
Today, Amy and I took the three kiddos to the zoo. You'll read about that in the next post. Tomorrow Greg re-starts his hitting. He is playing softball on a co-ed team with one of the secretaries (office managers to be politically correct). He is so excited and has been talking about it for weeks.

Saturday we are having the young couples over for dinner and to talk about doing a small group Bible study with them all. We're excited about hosting everyone and getting to know some more young couples from church. And then our meet the Pastor time again on Sunday.

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