Sunday, September 30, 2007

birthday party

We had Naomi's birthday party today with the staff from church. Nine people came to help us celebrate our little girl turning one. I still can't believe she's already one...okay, not technically till tomorrow but same difference. We had a good time socializing, eating good food (mom, your potatoes were a huge hit!!!) and digging in to some yummy birthday cake. Naomi was very nice and neat with her birthday cake, so Greg had to help her a little bit. She really seemed to like the cake and the idea of getting messy and just eating to her hearts content. Thanks everyone for coming and for all the great gifts (they weren't necessary but very much appreciated).A lady from church made the cakes for us. I just told her to make them look like presents with bright colors. She made a triple chocolate one for the adults and a small white cake for Naomi. Aren't they beautiful? Almost makes you not want to eat them. But they were OH SO GOOD!

More pictures and another video to follow later, but I need to go rest, entertaining is tiring!

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