Sunday, August 12, 2007

pig tails and a strong willed child

So I decided to try pig tails. I think they turned out pretty good. In fact I think I like them better than the whale spout. Greg likes the whale spout better. So I decided that I should get in a photo here you go. Me and my pig tail gal.Tonight we were making dinner and Naomi was playing in the kitchen with us. Then she sorta fell over and just laid on the floor. She wouldn't get up. She wanted us to come and pick her up. She wasn't crying she was just being stubborn or strong willed. So I took her stubborn picture. Eventually she got up when she realized we weren't going to "rescue" her.
We're headed to Camp Lone Star tomorrow morning for a new church workers retreat. We're excited to get away for a day and a half...not excited about leaving Naomi behind though. :( We will get to see Jordan and Eric and Heather though so that's exciting! Can't wait to take some pictures too!

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Erin J said...

I like the pigtails better too. Emma doesn't even have enough hair to do the whale spout. Hope you are enjoying the Texas heat. We are still working on coming over by you. School starts on Monday, so we will have to check all the schedules.