Friday, August 24, 2007

our little hick

After church on Sunday I had to take off Naomi's dress because she couldn't crawl with it on. So I just threw on a pair of shorts and instant hick baby! She's cute though. I think she looks so old in this first picture. Man, she really is growing up fast! Her head must be really heavy! She is so funny sometimes. I just love to watch her explore her world and thought you might like to also. I call this one..."hands"


Aunt Rosalie said...

Naomi is learning sooo fast. She'll be walking and then running in no time. Your parents especially must love getting a chance to see little bits of her day. Keep on blogging.

M@ Nieman said...

Two things:
1. I had that rug. The dragonfly one. Nice choice.
2. Holy crud she's cute. Makes me wish again that I could get inside the heads of babies to hear what is actually taking place.