Tuesday, August 28, 2007

church picnic

Sunday was the church picnic (like non I have ever witnessed) but it was also a retirement celebration for Pastor Haupt. People dressed in the era of the 50's. Pastor and Nancy were driven to the celebration in a classic car and escorted to the party followed by a band playing "when the saints go marching in". The "parade" (which did include Greg and I) marched around the gym and waved at all the people before getting in line first for the beautiful bounteous buffet. I haven't seen a pot luck like this in ages (if ever). It was amazing. You didn't want to take too much for fear that you'd run out of room on your plate for something amazing near the end. We got to sit at the "head" table and enjoy the company of the Pastors and their wives.

After dinner there was a presentation that lasted about an hour and a half. They sang songs and reminised about times gone by and all the wonderful things that Pastor Haupt has done for Mount Calvary. It was a great night for a great Pastor and his wife. Naomi did an amazing job of sitting in her highchair for 2.5 hours without wiggling to get out, without squeeling (too much) and just entertaining herself. I was totally impressed with her by the end of the night...and so was everyone else! What an awesome kid!
Pastor and Cathy sang a song that Cathy had sung at Pastor and Nancy's wedding when they got married at Mount Calvary years before.
Some of the girls from the youth group dance to "love and marriage"

Check out the amazing talent of this young man.

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