Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the bedding fiasco

So a few posts ago I had asked for everyone's opinions about which bedding we should get for our Master bedroom. I am very thankful to everyone who replied and gave us their opinion. We took all your advice and mixed it with our ideas and three bedding sets later we were finally settled on one. So here they are in order of appearance.

Bella Red from Bed Bath and Beyond. (we realize this was not on the first list, but we are allowed to deviate.) This one never even made it out of the bag. For some reason we just decided it was not what we wanted. So I took it back the next day and got this:
you'll remember this as #1 on the list. We thought this looked beautiful. And it did look beautiful but then we put it on our bed. It still looked nice but it just seemed a little cheap. Well, what do you expect when you pay $150 for 16 pieces. The quilt was quilted but it wasn't quilted...does that make sense? The sheets were cheap and the pillow case even ripped when I put it on the pillow. We slept with this set "on our bed" for about a week. I say "on our bed" because the quilt was so slippery and thin that it just slid off whenever we went to sleep. In the middle of the night one of us usually woke up a little chilly and went to the floor to grab the quilt. We just were not happy with it so we decided to take it back and find something else. So this weekend we went looking again. Linens n Things was great about taking back the bedding and we already felt better about that decision. We went to Sears and found this awesome bedding: The comforter is substanial...well, anything is substantial compared to that "quilt". It was not a 16 piece bed in a bag. We actually bought the little pillows seperately and felt good about that. We left the store with big smiles on our faces. We felt so much better about this purchase. We headed over to Macy's to find some sheets (we had a gift card to spend there). We found an outrageous deal. We found 400 thread count king size sheets for $40. $40 bucks can you believe it?! The original price on those sheets....$125.00. So it was a great find and the sheets are AWESOME! We love our new bedding and are now trying to figure out what color to paint the walls. We're thinking about a goldish cream to match the inside color of the bedding. Or a red color, just about any color could work so if you have any ideas let us know. We've also thought about doing red on the bottom and cream on the top but thought it might be too much work. We'll see and we'll let you know when we've got it all done! Here's a few more pics of the bedding.

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