Sunday, July 15, 2007

texas sized storm

So it IS true. Everything IS bigger in Texas. We experienced our first Texas sized storm this morning. It hit around 3am and boy did it come with vengance. I have never been part of a thunder/rain storm so violent. The rain hit the house with pounding force, the lighting was so constant I felt like I was at a run down motel and the thunder was fierce and often. It was a storm that I am glad to not have to experience during the day, or alone. It was a storm that took down some trees in the neighborhood and left streets flooded. But it was a storm that did not wake my sleeping child and for that I am grateful. Well, she did sleep through the fireworks too so what can we expect!


Dana said...

Glad Naomi slept through the storm. Emily & Michael would sleep through storms too when they were little. Michael still does, but Emily often joins us when there is a storm at night.

Mikaela said...
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