Saturday, July 28, 2007


Can't believe it didn't rain yesterday...and so far no rain today. It's been unbelieveable the amount of rain that this city has gotten. The city doesn't have a good drainage system so lots of places have been flooded and streets are covered in water. Their big slogan right now is "turn around don't drown". Here's our flooded back yard from the other day.

People in Texas are nice and think about others before worrying about themselves. This is not true of everyone in the state but I have noticed more people going out of their way to help others than in any other place I have lived. I guess it's that southern hospitality.

Sarah (a 7th grader from church) came over yesterday and played with Naomi so I could get some work done! What a HUGE help that was. I'm working on getting up the courage to make some friends and actually have something to do other than sit in the house with Naomi. Well, the weather has not been helping either.

I'm working on the pictures from Seth and Kate's wedding. They got a little messed up so I have go through and fix EACH picture so it's taking me a while. I'll share some when I get done.

Jordan spent the night with us last night. He and Greg got some "male bonding" in and enjoyed baseball and a movie! Jon and Jamie (the newlyweds) are joining us this evening and will go to church with us tomorrow also. Greg's preaching again and teaching Bible class. It's a fun-filled weekend. Can't wait till Monday (it's Greg's day off) when we can get more things in the house done!

Here's a picture of Naomi to tide you over till next time!

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