Tuesday, July 10, 2007

installation of a pastor

Did some digiscrappin' today. It's a good way to show what we've been up to and it keeps me updated in my scrapbooking. But don't let it fool you, I am WAY behind in my scrapbooking. Hope you enjoyed the pictures from the installation. It was an incredible service. They pulled out all the stops. Brass played, timpani and boy was the church packed. You can tell these people have been waiting and praying for this day for a while. They had an awesome dinner of prime rib, potatos and green beans for us also. And we took home lots of leftovers! Thanks to the people at Mount Calvary for such a warm welcome. We're so excited to see what the future holds!
We got to see Kristin, Cory, Liam, Sandy and Bob on Sunday also. It was so nice to be able to catch up with them all again and to introduce Naomi to her "boyfriend" Liam. Thanks so much for coming y'all it was great to have you be part of this special day. Thanks also to Jordan, Judith and Ed for making the trip and celebrating with us as well. My parents and sister were here for a couple of days together and then Tracey went home on Monday night. My parents flew to San Diego to see Eric and Catherine's house and spend some time with them. I cannot thank them all enough for all their help. I wouldn't have as many boxes unpacked without their help in watching Naomi and unpacking as well. Thanks dad for your help with the wallpaper too. Boy what a project that's gonna be! At least we're started!!!!
Our house is starting to look more livable. Lots to do still. Greg's parents will be here on Thursday and they will be a big help also. It finally stopped raining and Greg bought a lawnmower last night so tonight he can mow the lawn! That's about it for now. Have a blessed night!

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