Thursday, July 05, 2007

independence day

We had a fun time going to the fireworks last night. We drove to a park and had to walk quite a ways to actually get to the park. The grass was soggy because of all the rain we've gotten, so it was fun to navigate through that! We found a somewhat dry plot of land and set up camp. Three small camping chairs and we used their bags to keep our stuff dry from the wet ground. Then it started to rain and we had only brought one small umbrella. Greg got creative and used the chair bag to keep him from getting wet. It didn't rain too much so we figured they'd still shoot off the fireworks. We played UNO to pass the time between raindrops and waiting for an hour and a half. The sunset was awesome and we were so thankful that it didn't pour. The fireworks were awesome and Naomi slept through all but the first 5 fireworks. Everything is bigger in Texas, the fireworks were awesome! Why do some Texans think the world is all about them? When walking back to the car after the fireworks we overheard two guys talking about Independence Day and what it means. One guy was like it's when we got our Independence from Mexico. No, it isn't! It's not ALL about Texas man!

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Chad said...

Ah yes. Texas pride. Get used to it. They also think they won the Alamo.