Friday, June 01, 2007

lots of kiddos

So Naomi and I have spent lots of time with some of our friends. I went to see Katie and her three beautiful children yesterday...Naomi had a great time playing with all their toys. But Maya was not excited about Naomi pulling her hair. It was great to sit and chat with Katie and to hold cute little Roann again. What a fun family. We can't wait to play some more with y'all. Hope we'll have another kiddo before you do though!!! Love ya guys!
Today, Naomi and I went to my friend Susan's house and we got to hang out for a bit with Sue and her adorable little girls. The girls had fun sharing their toys with Naomi. She just stuck everything in her mouth and was loving the toy options she had...something she doesn't have when we're at grammy's house because I don't bring too many toys along. When Kenadie woke up from her nap Naomi was excited to play with someone her own size. However, Naomi doesn't know how to share yet and she's kind of a bully. She pulls hair and goes for the eyes. We'll have to work on that. Godparents, you better be praying for her!!!! It was fun to catch up with Sue and the little ladies and we cannot wait till we can hang out again sometime. You're always welcome in Texas!

All we need is another kid wearing purple and we'd be all set!

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