Friday, June 08, 2007

familiar site

We've been seeing this a lot lately...Naomi in her car seat. We've been on the go lots! If you haven't noticed where our travels have taken us let me do a quick recap. Greg graduated on May 18th. The 19-20 we were in Frohna, MO (2hrs south of St. Louis) so he could preach at his grandparents church. May 20th we also flew to San Antonio to look for a home and were successful. (I promise I'll post more pictures of the house soon, because I know a couple of people are asking to see more.) We returned to St. Louis on May 23rd (wed) and then on Thursday drove to WI. Greg preached Thurs, Sat, Sun, Thurs, and Sunday. So we were in Wisconsin till June 3rd. Then we had a busy week of packing and then today, June 8th we drove back to Wisconsin because Greg is being ordained Sunday (june 10th) at Grace. Then Monday morning we get a Penske truck and load stuff from my parents house that we have, then drive to Indy to get stuff that we left at Greg's parents home. Back to St. Louis on Wed. June 13th. June 16th takes us back to Indy because on June 17th Greg is going to baptize his nephew who was born on May 31st. We are also godparents to this little cutie! Back to St. Louis on the 17th and then on the 20th to Louisville, KY then to Seymour on the 21st and to Indy on the 22nd (we close on our home on the 22nd). Then I am photographing Seth and Kate's wedding on the 23rd in Indy, back to St. Louis on the 24th and the moving truck comes on the 26th (tues). So, if you made it through all of that congratulations! We're busy packing on the "three" days we have home and seeing as many of our friends as we can since we'll be moving so far away. Please catch up with us if you're able to. We'd love to hang out...and maybe you can pack a few boxes while we're chatting :).

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