Tuesday, June 19, 2007

bullet points

I've got a few things to share and not much time to share it. So bear with me on the bullet points.
* Naomi started crawling on June 9th. She can get where she wants...till we stop her. She's still doing the splits and the doctor said her hips are fine so she must just be very flexible.
*We got to spend some time with the Traska's while we were in WI and also with Casey. It was so great to catch up with all of you and we hope we can do it again soon. Come visit us! Jon...email me those pictures!
*Greg got to baptise his nephew, Noah on Sunday. It was his first official act as a Reverand. We are also godparents to Noah. So excited to welcome him to God's family.
*Went to the ER on Sunday night because Naomi was coughing a lot, had a runny nose and a temp of 102. Her cousin Andrew had croup so we wanted to make sure that's what Naomi had and that it wasn't pneumonia. She has the croup too. Lots of coughing. Not sleeping as well and just a little more fussy. They gave her some medicine and we'll see how long it takes for the croup to go away. They said it could be 5-7 days.
*We've been busy packing boxes.
*We stopped packing today to have lunch with Jason and Colette. I took their maternity pics and pics of cute little Grace. It was great to catch up with them and say "see ya later"
*We got to see our godson Asher again today. He is such a little man. We helped them unload their truck and got to celebrate with Asher...he turns 2 on Friday. Where does the time go? Please excuse the shirless girl...she was very hot!
*My parents are in Brazil but my mom called me today. She said it's been raining a lot so they weren't able to do everthing they planned but they are having an awesome time.
*We're headed to Louisville tomorrow. We will sign our lives away tomorrow as we have our closing papers for the house to sign. Doug is a Notary so at least we won't have to go anywhere to get it all done. Can't believe we'll be homeowners before the week is over.
*After Louisville we go to Seymour for a day. Can't wait to see if Justin and Megan have their little girl by then. We'd LOVE to meet her!
*Then Friday we head to Indy. I'm photographing my only wedding for the year on Saturday. Seth and Kate are going to have a Louisiana style wedding and I'm so excited to get out there and shoot.

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