Wednesday, May 09, 2007

quick update

I haven't really been posting the day to day stuff because it's been a little busy around here. Here's a little update from the end of April till now...not including some of the stuff I already blogged about...ala...B2 tour.

Two weeks ago we had a fourth year class banquet. It was nice to gather with some classmates and reminise about times gone past. There were some great Weird Al Yankovicesque songs sung by two classmates that had us all laughing. Daisy and Andrew were kind enough to come over and watch Naomi. They had fun with Naomi and she apparently got attached to Daisy and would not let her leave the room without hearing about it. So Daisy would tell Andrew to come and make funny faces at Naomi if Daisy had to leave the room. Still waiting for that baby to come!
It rained for like three days straight at the end of last week and our ceiling was leaking again. They came and painted over it the last time it was leaking...duh...does paint really stop a leak? It was so saturated that the wall got a bubble in it! Gross! They have not come to fix the leak yet...actually they need to fix the roof. If it takes as long to do that as it seems to take to finish our parking lot well, we'll be moved out by then!
Naomi doesn't really enjoy taking naps very much. She would rather know what is going on at all times. So at night after dinner when she is taking her bottle she tends to fall asleep for a couple minutes. Here is one of those sweet times. Greg loves to cuddle so it was a perfect opportunity for him to get some cuddle time in!
Naomi loves her bath time. She was scared of it for a little while but it warming up to the fun in the tub more and more lately. I love this pic....looks like shes getting ready to punch someones lights out! "why i outghta..."

I like to give her mohawks too!!!!

Credits: National Scrapbook Day Kit by MyDigitalMuse ladies!

Even though Naomi doesn't nap on a regular schedule she is still a VERY happy baby. She loves to laugh at kids her own age/size and is not stingy with her smiles...laughs and clapping!
Thanks Maureen for the shoes. She's still trying to figure them out but I think she likes them.
Our friends Jeremy and Nikki came over for dinner on Sunday. It was so great to hang out with them. Thanks for spending some time with us you guys it was great.

Naomi was wiped out by the end of their visit.

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