Monday, May 28, 2007

happy memorial day

We had a fun Memorial Day. We went to the Menomonee Falls parade this morning. Naomi did a great job at the parade...she even watched what was going on in front of her. We saw everything you should see at a Memorial Day parade, flags, bands, tractors, horses, old cars, waving people, dogs, veterans, fire engines, and clowns. We got lots of candy and cookies and had a great time watching the people go by. But my question is, who created the idea of a parade. If you break it down it just seems a little silly. Just a thought.
Our friend Will, who is the Vicar at Grace got to drive one of the tractors for Grace. We had a little bbq at home with Will and Ana, my parents, Tracey and Brad. It was fun to eat good food, have good conversation and play a little bocee ball. Naomi enjoyed playing outside and trying her hand at crawling again!

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