Wednesday, April 18, 2007

siting up

Naomi has started to sit on her own now. She's getting so big. She used to be able to sit for very short periods of time but now it's been a lot longer that she's able to sit on her own. I feel comfortable letting her sit on her own now too. I don't feel that I need to be right by her side the whole time she's sitting. She still is only rolling over one way...when we're looking. She was pretty far away from where I layed her down the other day but I didn't see how she got there. She loves to sit up and see the world from a new point of view!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting to have her sit up. Just give her a short while and she will be crawling and then walking. Boy - she is growning up fast. I wish we could see her but will have to wait for a while.