Friday, April 27, 2007

pictures galore

This last week has been a little crazy and I finally feel like everything is starting to get back to normal a little bit. But my life has just changed completely! I'm finally back into the routine of grocery shopping and laundry but also looking at houses in San Antonio. I'm back into the routine of putting Naomi down for a nap in her bed (instead of in the car while we're headed somewhere) but also getting all the information I can on where we're going to be living. So while there are "normal" and "routine" things that I am doing there is also the "new" and "exciting" and "unknown" types of things that I am doing as well.

Just a few pictures from this past week that I didn't share earlier. We went to Grant's Farm on Saturday with the fourth year class, although there weren't too many classmates there we had fun with the ones that were there. Sunday, my first college roommate Sarah, and her husband Kurt, came over for lunch. We've been talking about hanging out for three years and we finally did it! They are headed to Columbus, Nebraska and excited about it! I'm so glad they were able to spend some time with us in our home. We wish we would have done it sooner and more often.

I got to see one of my roommates from my second year of college at the vicarage service because her brother was getting placed. Heidi had her cute little boy, Noah with her was so great to see her. I seem to run into Heidi at some random times and places but it's always good to see her!

Greg's parents came on Tuesday and my parents came on Wednesday. Everyone went home on Thursday after Greg and our dads went golfing. Greg golfed with his pastors from vicarage and our fathers golfed together. It was so great to see the Pastors and Jan again. We really had such an amazing time on vicarage and felt like we were seeing our family again when they came. We miss hanging out with them on a regular basis so it was just great to catch up with them for a little while! Pastor and Jan are awaiting their first granddaughter at the end of June...they will be great grandparents and they had fun practicing with Naomi a little bit!
In the midst of all the craziness I did an engagement shoot on Wednesday morning. I'm still proofing the photos but will share some when I'm done! I've got another shoot tomorrow and I'm really excited about it.

We are starting the process of getting ready to move and think it will be the last week of June that we head on down to Texas. We will be in Wisconsin for a week and a half at the end of May begining of June and in Indiana at the end of June. We'd like to see as many of our friends and family as we can before we move "deep in the heart of Texas". So let us know if you'll be around!

And now, here's some pictures!

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Jen Reed said...

I love those last two. What a cutie! And it looks like it's finally spring in St. Louis. It sounds like you're genuinely happy about where you're going, and that's good. Blessings on the ministry both of you will do!