Friday, April 27, 2007

no ablo espanol

I probably didn't even spell that right! Sorry!

Through my last two years of college I lived with my dear friend Casey. Casey is a great person to live with....she's clean, organized, creative, thoughtful, quiet (sometimes), trustworthy, respectful and an all around fun person to be around. However Casey has/had some quirks about her too...(these are spoken in love) she can't carry a tune...and she would randomly speak Spanish at me. To which I would reply "Casey, I live in America, we speak ENGLISH here" Casey drove me nuts with her Spanish speaking self and I let her know it! (all in love). But now, I wish I could go back to those days and actually listen to her for a moment and maybe learn something. Casey, I'm sorry I made fun of you...could you please teach me some Spanish! I know that you're sixth graders can learn Spanish from you, do you think you could teach this old dog some new tricks!!!???!! I may need some Spanish where I'm going to be living and I just think it would be good to learn it just in case! Although we are still in America...I won't be in Wisconsin...I'll be much closer to Mexico than ever before (except for when I was actually IN Mexico on mission trips).


Casey said...

Aye, Lo siento! Yo hable mucho en espanol y tu nunca escucharon. Ahora, tu necesitas mucho ayuda.

(translation: Aww, sorry! I spoke a lot in Spanish and you never listened. Now, you need a lot of help)

Too funny! I would love to throw you a bone and help you out. Maybe I will have to video tape myself with little lessons and pass them on via You Tube so you can learn. See, you never know when information from today (or yesterday) could be helpful for tomorrow!

Casey said...

P.S. That would be hablo, not ablo!