Thursday, April 26, 2007

howdy ya'll

We're headed to Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in San Antonio, Texas. We knew that this might be a possibility for us but last night just solidified it for us. We're so excited to see what God has in store for us at Mt.Calvary. Please continue to pray for the few candidates who are awaiting a call and for those of us who are going to congregations. We're excited to start looking for a place to call home and to figure out when we'll be moving...hopefully at the begining of July!
Erin, Tami, Jamie and Heather
Eric, Greg, Tom and Brian

The guys that got their calls to the Texas District with the district president!


Erin J said...

Well let me officially welcome you to Texas. I pray that it may begin to feel like your home as much as it has become ours. San Antonio is about 3 hours from here, so hopefully we will be able to see each other. Let us know when you will be moving for sure, our summer is busy, but if we can help we will be there.


Saydog Godprayzer said...

Congrats on the call. San Antonio is a beautiful city, and I'm sure that God has lots in store for you there! So, Greg will be pastor-sizing; will you be DCE-sizing there too or doing something else? Well, have a blessed day in the Lord!
LOL w/ LOL-Jesus Style!

Luke said...

Hey Guys,
Congrats on your call to San Antonio. We actually did get a chance to go down there when we took Elena to Sea World, and it seemed like a pretty cool city. And it just got way cooler with the Truwe's comin' to town.
Glad to see that you are practicing your southern drawl. Y'all is a sweet word. I believe it is y'all rather than ya'll. Didn't want you to get shot by some hard-core Texan (you know, the one's that think Texas is its own country).
Anyway, I don't know how far up north you'll get when you're in WI, or when you'll be where, but we would love to see you if it works out.
Love y'all and miss ya! And again, congrats!

Luke (and Mikaela and Traeger)