Saturday, March 31, 2007

best dressed bride

At the bridal shower for Greg's cousin's fiance (did ya follow that?) we played the classic "dress a bride with toilet paper game". It was fun to dress the grandma's as brides and was just a fun time all around. It was great to see Rachel's been a while and to hang out with Greg's aunts and cousins. Naomi did such a good job being passed around and not having a real nap. It was a great day that lead to a tiring but fun night as well. We went to Pujols 5 with Greg's mom and enjoyed a nice dinner.

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Anonymous said...

looks like a great time! Sorry Emily and I could not be there. The pictures of Grandma really make me wish I was there - how fun and what a memory. I hope Jamie got a lot of good things for when she and Jon are married later this year.