Thursday, March 01, 2007

the rest of vacation

So on Wednesday we got up early and went to church at Grace and then my mom was able to show off her granddaughter to all the staff and anyone who was around. We then went to visit Katie and the kids. They are such good kids and it was so good to see prego Katie again. Trysten and Maya are so good with Naomi but poor little Maya had a bad cold. Greg read some books to them and we just sat an talked for about an hour. That evening we had some friends over for our famous pork tenderloin dinner. Mark and Carmen, Will and Ana, and Julie enjoyed this meal with us. It was good to be able to spend some more time with all of them.

Thursday we got up early and drove through the unplowed streets of Mequon to get to Concordia. I was looking forward to seeing all the remodeling they have done but didn't get a clear picture because of all the snow. We went to chapel with my dad and then walked around to see some people we knew. We saw Pres. Ferry, Pastor Ferguson, Dr. J, Coach Keiper, Dr. Karl Knorr, my cousin Andy, two guys I went to highschool with that I did not expect to see there at all, Jeff and Jon and some other people we know. The big bummer for the day was that all the theology profs were in Dallas for a conference so we did not get to see them. However, my cousin Adam who lives in Dallas did get to hang out with them a little so at least someone was having fun with them. After lunch in the Falcon's Nest with my dad we headed home. We tried to get Naomi to take a nap and just layed low till dinner. After dinner we went to church at Divine Savior in Hartford. Greg had worked as their youth director right after we got married until we moved to St. Louis. We got to see a few people but there just weren't many people there because it was a Thursday night.

Friday morning we left about 9am for Chicago. We got to see my new little cousin Kaleigh (pronounced Cali). Noah was running around the house and so excited to be a big brother. It was great to see Bruce and Tina again also. Kaleigh is a cute little lady and I know Bruce and Tina are excited to be able to have a boy and a girl. We spent about an hour and a half with them and then hit the road for St. Louis. We made it home by 5pm and were starting to get things unpacked. I had just thrown a load of mattress pads in the washer because we had students moving in on Sunday and had to have the apartments ready.

We were talking with Greg's family on the way home to figure out when we would be able to celebrate Gary's 60th birthday. Well it just so happens that all our schedules seemed to conflict...with trying to figure out four families schedules it's bound to be tough. Well, Dana, Doug and the kids were on their way to Indy so Doug could install hard wood floors in Gary and Faye's kitchen. So Greg was talking to Dana and I'm like, why don't we just go now and we can come back early on Sunday morning. So we let Naomi stretch out on the floor a little and gave her some dinner and then got back in the car at 7pm. We made it to Indy by midnight because of the time change. We stayed with Holly and Gene and Greg's parents didn't even know we were in the state. Saturday morning when Dana, Faye and the kids were on their way over to Holly and Gene's, Greg, Naomi and I went over to surprise Gary. We put Naomi on the porch, rang the door bell and hid behind the garage. Gary came out and was like, oh look a little baby and he was about to go back inside so we came out and surprised him. We went in to see how the floors were coming and then headed back to Holly and Gene's to surprise Faye. She was surprised to see us as well. We spent the afternoon playing and just hanging out. Emily was not feeling well so instead of going to Bucca di Beppo's we ordered the food and ate at Holly and Gene's house. After dinner and when the little ones were in bed we just sat around and talked and told stories. It was good to hear them all sharing their stories from childhood and when they were older as well. Greg and I got up at 5am eastern time and drove back to St. Louis. We got home in 3 1/2 hours. We got the apartment ready for the students to move into and then we took it easy the rest of the day.

I have pictures from Saturday on my camera but once again it's film and it's slow! I'm going to be buying a new digital camera sometime this week...mine broke while I was teaching my digital photography course...go figure!

Greg started his last 10 week quarter yesterday. Only 50 some odd days till call day and then graduation is right around the corner. It's hard to believe that in a matter of months we will be done with school, we will be looking for a house, packing boxes again and making all those arrangements. So for now, I'm going to enjoy St. Louis and enjoy the fact that I have some friends close by. So I better get off the computer and get out there! Have a great week!

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Dana said...

That spur of the moment weekend was a lot of fun! Thanks for all the extra traveling you guys did. It was great to have a fun weekend - even though I had sickness in my family. God bless you all!