Monday, March 12, 2007

quick weekend visit

Naomi and I made a quick visit to Warrensburg this weekend (it's about an hour east of Kansas City). Tracey and Brad flew there to visit Kevin, Jenny and their girls Hannaha and Hope. So I decided it would be fun to see Tracey and Brad again and to see Kevin, Jenny and the girls. Jenny and the girls came to Naomi when she was really little but Kevin had never met her before. We did a little scrapbooking while Hannah and Hope played with Naomi. I got a few free diaper changes out of Jenny and Jenny put Naomi to bed on Saturday night. We went to church in the morning and then to the Rib Crib for lunch. I had a great weekend and was so glad to be able to see everyone and to spend some time chatting with Tracey and Jenny. Thanks guys, we had a great time and hope to come back to Warrensburg to see the B2 sometime soon!

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