Thursday, March 01, 2007

pictures from vacation

Putting the snow blower to work

My parents neighbor using a tractor to remove snow

Naomi in her Sunday dress

Naomi and "auntie" Julie having some fun

Julie, Shirley, Naomi, Allen, Tracey, Ana, Will, Greg and Jamie at Tumbleweed for Greg's birthday

Greg and his broken heart cake

Naomi and Kenadie

Kenadie and Naomi

Abbie and Molly

Naomi and grammy

Trysten, Katie and Maya

Katie and baby girl (due March 19th)

Naomi and Tracey

Brad, Naomi and Tracey

Naomi and papa

Noah, Greg, Kaleigh and Jamie

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1 comment:

Rosie said...

Great pics, Gamie! When do I get to see you and lil Naomi again? Any on-campus plans in the near future? Hope to hear from you soon. re-greg