Sunday, March 25, 2007

a memo

To: All future home SELLERS
From: Future home BUYERS

When getting your house ready to put on the market it is important to take pictures of your home to put on the internet so people can have a small idea of what your house looks like so they would know if they are interested in looking at it in person. When you are taking those pictures please take into account these few hints.

1. Take clear (non-blurry) pictures. - If you don't take clear pictures well then don't post them on the website for all to see. (It leaves a bad impression)
2. Put the toliet seat lid DOWN. We all know what the inside of a toilet looks like. Unless yours is SUPER special just leave the lid down...and if you must leave the lid up, please clean the toilet.
3. Mow your lawn and trim your shrubs. Nothing leaves a worst first impression than a bad yard.
4. Don't take pictures of the corner of a room. This leaves the viewer no idea how big the room is or where it is in the room. If you accidentaly take that picture, leave it on your computer and don't post it on the web.
5. Turn the TV off. We don't want to know what you watch and it's distracting.
6. Don't take close-up pictures of the ceiling fans. It's not THAT important.
7. Don't leave your dog crates in the middle of the back yard. Again, not a good impression.
8. Clean the house before taking the picture. This may seem obvious but aparently to some people it isn't that obvious.
9. If you have broken apliances please fix them or make them look fixed. Not many people want to buy a house where they will have to fix or replace everything right away.
10. If you have drywall exposed please paint it or if you plan on painting it don't include that picture in your gallery until you have painted it.
Bonus Please don't include your family members in any pictures of your home. It is distracting. Your daughter may be cute holding those bananas but that's all I look at then and not the home.

future home buyers

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