Wednesday, March 07, 2007

hit and run

Greg was on his way to work today when he got rearended. Traffic was heavy and they were stopped when a pickup truck which was behind an Ameren UE truck which was behind Greg didn't stop in time...hit the Ameren truck which hit Greg. Greg pulls over and the Ameren truck follows, however the pickup swerves around them and keeps going, then gets off the freeway and gets on the south bound lanes and then gets on another freeway. There was another car that pulled over behind the Ameren truck, that person saw the whole thing and just so happened to get the liscense plate of the pickup truck. I guess that guy was in a hurry, but hopefully the cops will be able to track him down and we can get this mess all figured out. The Ameren truck was banged up but our car escaped with merely a dent. We'll hopefully get it fixed on the tab of the pickup truck driver. No one was hurt, except some bumpers...but that's what they're there for.

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Saydog Godprayzer said...

Did they ever catch your hit-and-runner? I missed you over my Spring break, so maybe I'll catch you at Easter or something. Have a blessed day in the Lord!
LOL w/ LOL-Jesus Style!