Sunday, March 25, 2007

downtown st. louis

So today, Greg, Naomi and I ventured downtown for lunch and a little walk. We had a gift certificate for the Old Spaghetti Factory so we went there for lunch and it was a fun time. It's a great old resturant in Laclede's Landing and just so unique. All the booths and tables have different chairs, they have round booths, they have a trolley in the middle of the room and there's great original artwork on the walls. The food was great and the service was good. The neat thing about the Old Spaghetti Factory is that everything is included in the price of your meal. You get a drink, bread, a salad, your main entree', and then ice cream for dessert. Our gift certificate was for two of these so essentially we could have just had to pay the tip. But I got an Italian Orange Cream Soda, but I got to keep the cool glass it came in. After lunch we walked to the arch and took some fun pictures. It was good to walk and the weather was beautiful so it was the perfect day to do that.
We know that our time in St. Louis is coming to an end rather quickly so we want to get in some of those "unique" to St. Louis things before we move. We've made a list of all we want to do before we leave and today we checked off one of those things, "Go to the Old Spaghetti Factory". I'll post the list later so that those of you that know St. Louis can tell me if we're missing anything.

Also just wanted to say "Thanks" to the guy at the Arch who helped us carry Naomi up the many stairs. There are about 60 (total guess) stairs to get to the base of the arch and I was helping Greg carry the stroller up those stairs. We got to the second landing and a man came and helped us out by carrying Naomi (with Greg) to the top. So thanks for the gesture, we really appreciated it!
Naomi conked out in her stroller on the way to the Arch. And slept till she got back in the van. But we put her shades on her to take this picture! Look at those cute pinchable cheeks!


Jen Reed said...

What great pictures! It looks like it was a lovely day for exploring and experincing St. Louis. I'm in my last eight weeks in New York, so I need to make a list, too. (Also loved your tips to home sellers...)

Casey said...

Way to savor every last moment of your time in Saint Louis! I love the sunglasses picture!