Tuesday, February 20, 2007


We went down to the farm this past weekend. It was Naomi's first butchering season. She did a great job of helping and being cute...okay so she was more cute than she was helpful but who can blame her. They butchered four hogs and processed everything, stuffed, cooked, sorted, wrapped and labeled all the pork products in one day. We now have a freezer and a half full of pork products (the half is stuff we have not used yet from last year). We only get half a hog and that is plenty for us for now. Once our family gets a little bigger we may want more but for now we don't even eat all that we have (but someone does...it doesn't go to waste).

I took pictures on film and will get it developed shortly and then I'll post the best pictures.

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Jen Reed said...

Haha! I find this amusing. You wrote about butchering pigs and I wrote about how Sunday was the first day of the year of the pig!