Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So it's been a while since I've written...sorry if you've come here looking for something good to read...or just something to read. So we've been busy and not so busy all at the same time. Greg is in his second week of his last break before becoming a full-time church worker. So we took advantage of the break and took a break from our routine. We spent the first week just relaxing a little bit at home. On Wednesday we went to Ozzie's with our friend Jeremy for lunch. Naomi was loving the tv's all around her. We had a great time talking with Jeremy and just having the freedom to do what we wanted. We went to some friends house on Thursday night and that was a good time hanging out and having some good conversations, and good food. We got to meet some new people also...which is always a good time.

Friday for lunch we went to see some friends who are now in the parish. Matt and Emily and cute little Josiah had us over for lunch. We had a great time talking with them and the food was great. Greg got to see Matt's church and Emily and I had fun playing with the kids and getting them to stare at each other. We used to play cards with Matt and Emily in college so it was good to be able to spend some time with them again.

Saturday morning I got up at 5:30am in order to make it to Potosi, MO by 8:30am. It was raining almost the whole drive there which made it dreary. I was teaching a digital photography class at the YMCA there for their women's wellness weekend. I had prepared for this class for a while and was excited that it had finally come. The class went really well and about 45 women in two class sessions were able to learn some things about using their digital cameras. Once I got home Greg and I got ready for our trip to Wisconsin.

We got in the car at 2:30pm and knew that we would encounter snow and blizzard conditions somewhere along the way. We made it to Bloomington around 5:00pm and then it all goes downhill from there. It took us four hours to drive from Bloomington to Rockford...which is normally only an hour drive. There was lots of traffic and the traffic going south was completely stopped which slowed our traffic down a lot. We finally got to my parents house at midnight...for those keeping track at home...that's 10 hours. It normally only takes 6. Needless to say, it was a long day in the car. Naomi did really good and slept most of the way. I was very tired but could not sleep. I have this crazy fear of getting into accidents and driving in the snow does not help that at all. Greg did an INCREDIBLE job of driving and I'm so glad it was him and not me!

Sunday, my dad and I shoveled for an hour and a half before going to church with only 50 other people. We had lunch and then spent the afternoon just hanging out. Naomi was loving spending time with grammy and papa. We went out to dinner for Greg's birthday with my parents, Tracey and Brad, Julie and Will and Ana. Will and Ana are our friends from the Seminary who are doing their vicarage at Grace. It was a great way to celebrate Greg's birthday. I was going to try to have another surprise party for him waiting for us when we got home but it didn't work out because of the weather.
Monday, was a nice day to sleep in and lay low. However, Naomi woke up at 1:30am and 6am and finally got up at 7:30am. I was tired but she didn't want to sleep anymore. At 9am she rolled over from her back to her front. No one else was there to witness it but she did roll over a few more times that day. Julie came over Monday night and it was nice to just hang out some more.

Today, we went shopping at Kohl's so Greg could spend his birthday money. We found some great deal and already started our Christmas shopping. We always say we're gonna shop early to save money but never do...but today we did. Tonight we went to Susan and Dan's for dinner. Susan is one of my good friends from highschool. We had a great time hanging out with them and their four beautiful daughters. They play so good together and are just so cute. Greg and Dan were playing baseball on his new Wii game system and then Molly was going to show us how she can bowl. Dan asked her "what happens when you get three strikes?" to which Molly replied, "you get a rooster!" So cute! We had a great time watching Naomi try to roll over onto Kenadie but Kenadie wasn't too keen on the idea. I took some pictures but they're on the slow (film) camera so you'll have to wait. It was fun to catch up with Susan and Dan and hang out with the whole family. I can't wait to do that again sometime soon! Thanks for the great dinner and great company Susan, we had a really awesome time hanging out!

We hope to see more friends tomorrow and the next day. We'll be heading back to St. Louis on Friday, via the Chicago area to see our new cousin! Hope you're all doing great!

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