Tuesday, February 06, 2007

computer update

So we got our computer back today. It's a clean slate...which is not a great thing... but I guess it's a good thing. We've got twice as much of a harddrive than we used to have. When Greg called the computer place yesterday they gave him the bad news that they were not able to recover ANY of our files. I was a little upset because I hadn't backed up any of Naomi's photos. Greg lost all of his work from this year at the Sem and I lost a bunch of other files that I'd been working on. So we were upset that all that time that was spent on those things is now gone but we're glad to have our computer back and to have a clean slate. As we were looking for some disks today to reinstall some of our programs Greg found two CD's that were labeled Baby T on them...it appears that I did back up her pictures on December 12th! So I do have her pictures up to that point and some from Christmas with Greg's family. So I still need to try and get some from my family Christmas but that shouldn't be too hard...my sister usually takes a lot of pictures.

So while I'm working on recreating some of my files that I had I hope that my daughter cooperates by taking her naps! We go to the Dr. tomorrow to find out how she's doing and for her shots...no fun at all.


Saydog Godprayzer said...

At least you also have some pics of Naomi online too. Computers can be evil sometimes like that. Have a blessed day in the Lord!
LOL w/ LOL-Jesus Style!

Casey said...

Bummer about the lost pictures, Hopefully you can retrieve some from the online places you order from?