Wednesday, January 03, 2007

moving all around

I have lots of pictures to share from the end of our vacation. But first I wanted to share something from two nights ago. I had to do a reenactment of the situation because we found it funny and wanted you all to know how "mobile" our daughter is. She is awake in the pictures because it is a reenactment but just imagine her sleeping. When we put her to bed she's like this:When we found her in the morning she was like this:

We know that she's not the only baby who spins in her sleep but just wanted to share that with you. She did this two nights in a row now!

I have lots of pictures to share and a video. But for now this will have to do. I have to run an errand and drop off the film from Sarah's wedding. I hope it turns out...let's cross our fingers! Have a great day!

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