Wednesday, December 27, 2006

recap so far

Our vacation is going great. I love Christmas and everything that it entails... there are a lot of things that this Christmas entails so let's just go to bullet points to make it a little shorter and hopefully not so boring!

*Drove to Indy, Naomi slept most of the way.
*Beat mom and dad T at Pinochle
*Naomi's first Christmas
*Opening presents in under 2 hours
*Christmas Eve candlelight service with a glo stick (Naomi's got it in her hand)
*Battle of the Sexes
*Singing Christmas carols with the fam
*Getting 4th place in the pinochle tournament (but Greg won at Monopoly...surprise surprise)
*Safe travels to WI in less than 5 hours
*Seeing Liam, Kristin and Cory for a short but great hour or so
*Seeing most of my moms side of the family for a fun get together
*Playing cards with almost all of that family
*Winning a can of soup!!
*Greg won at the card game too (surprise, surprise...actually he tied with Mark)
*Naomi being sick and feeling so sorry for her yet she smiles through it all (well most of it)
*Seeing friends and family
*Going on a date with Greg and letting oma and pappa babysit. (We finally got to GO to a movie...and dinner!)

*Looking forward to Justin and Sarah's wedding!
*Looking forward to seeing Eric and Catherine again and to introduce Naomi to them.
*Looking forward to seeing my dad's side of the family
*Looking forward to ringing in 2007 with some great friends whom we haven't seen in a long time!

Hope you're having a great time too!

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