Friday, December 01, 2006

pretty and destructive

Snow and ice can be pretty and can be very destructive. It started with rain and turned to sleet and then the snow came. The power went out last night for us and for lots of people. Thousands of people are still without power today...we got ours back pretty early this morning. Our power did go out again this afternoon for about an hour but we're doing great now. Trees are down all over the place and the sun didn't shine too much today so it didn't melt too much. Just wanted to share what's going on in our neck of the woods.


Erin J. said...

We of course, didn't have snow, but we did have an "artic blast". At least that is what the weatherman said. I don't miss all the bad stuff that comes with snow, but I do miss the snow and the snow days. We can't wait to see you and Greg and to meet Naomi in just about 2 weeks.

Jen Reed said...

Yikes! Wow. Hard to believe it went from short-sleeves weather the other day to this! I have a feeling it's headed our way next. It's been near 70 degrees the last couple of days, but they keep saying December is about to rear its ugly head. Winds are 44 mph right now. I never expected this warm weather in NYC in December! Question for you: I can't figure out how to get the top of my header back on my blog. It's covered by the blogger stuff, which doesn't really need to be there anyway. Tips?

Dana said...

Luckily we just had wind and rain. The storm had warmed up before reaching Kentucky. Our Christmas lights did short (and some were blown down) out due to rain and and mess up the outside outlets on our house (the one our freezer was plugged into as well as the lights) so I had to figure out how to redo things with extension cords since Doug was out of town. At least we did not get snow and ice.