Monday, November 13, 2006

weekend photos

We had a great weekend hanging out with Julie and Cilf. They came late on Friday night, actually it was early Saturday morning. We spent some time hanging out, moving furniture and then Naomi got to go to the Arch for the first time with Julie, Clif and I. It was very cold on Saturday. We went to Greg's basketball game in Illinois on Saturday night and then spent some time at the Seminary hanging out with friends. Sunday we went to church and then Julie, Clif and I went back to the Arch so that we could go up in the Arch. We had a great time. Clif went down to the bottom while Julie and I were still up in the Arch so that we could take some pictures of him at the bottom. He was a little speck but it was fun nonetheless. It was a great weekend and we're so glad that Julie was able to visit!

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