Friday, November 10, 2006

smiles and mohawks

Even though this picture is off center I love the look on Naomi's face. She has been so happy lately when she's awake. She's happy for a little while until she gets tired and then she starts screaming. She's been smiling a lot more and mimiking us when we stick out our tongue. The little girl got a mohawk the other day too after her bath. I didn't do this one on purpose, although it's not her first mohawk it probably is the best one. I just rubbed her head with the towel after her bath and really didn't pay attention to her hair. I usually flatten it out right away because I know it dries so fast but this time I didn't and she got a mohawk. It's cute! At least I think it is.

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Luke's parents said...

Luke has the exact same bouncy seat! he loves it. your girl is looking beautiful!