Thursday, November 30, 2006

no, not snow

For the last couple of days we've had our windows open. It's been in the 70's for a couple of days and we were completely enjoying the warmth. We were outside more, and just enjoying the fresh air in our home. Last night we went to the St. Louis Mills (it's like Gurnee Mills), we were window shopping, enjoying a sort of "date" night, spying out Christmas presents, getting some exercise and looking for some black dress shoes (for me, I was not successful). We went in with our short-sleeved t-shirts and when we came out to go home we were very cold. The temperature had dropped drastically. Today when we woke up it was raining. At about 2:00pm it looked like this outside our front door.And now at 3:45pm it looks like this outside our front door. And it's still snowing.
They were supposed to have the parking lots ready by December 1st but obviously that is not going to happen anymore. It's kind of a bummer because there's no place for Greg to park and he has to park behind our apartment and find his way to the front. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and they'll get all this construction done. It was kinda nice to have a quiet day though. So no more open windows...I didn't even open the curtains today...snow depresses me. I don't like it when it snows before my birthday and it definetly did. Oh well, I'll stop complaing now. Have a great day...snow or no snow.

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