Wednesday, November 01, 2006

a month gone by

I cannot believe how fast the month of October went by. It's so weird to think that I have a month old child. It's so weird to think that I have a child in the first place. I am so happy to be a mother and it suits me pretty well. We went to the pediatric surgeon this morning and in a matter of 30 minutes we had Naomi's frenulum clipped. She screamed a little bit but it didn't seem like such a big deal, and there wasn't really any bleeding. Naomi did really good and we're so happy with the results. So we're glad that we got it clipped. It's funny to see her with her tongue all moving around so free now.

Seven hours...what can you do in seven hours? Drive to Wisconsin. Sleep. Watch three movies. Sleep. Learn a language. Sleep. Read a book. Sleep. And then some. Naomi slept for seven hours straight last night. Now of course I didn't go to bed right when she did but it was a nice 5 1/2 hours of sleep that I got in a row. I know this could be a one time thing but we'll see. Let's hope for lots of sleeping tonight too!

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I shared this picture on Naomi's blog too but thought I'd include it here as well. We've had the idea to take pictures of her every Sunday for the first year to track her growth. So here's the first month of Sundays.


kristin said...

congrats on the 5 1/2 hours jamie!

Katherine said...

I can't believe how cute Naomi is. I have never seen a c cuter baby. ahh I just reach right out and grab her off the computer screen!

Anonymous said...

The bro and I will be home in two weeks for Thanksgiving, so hopefully I'll get to see you and meet the wonderful Naomi! Have a blessed day in the Lord!
LOL w/ LOL-Jesus Style!

Casey said...

Very cute Jamie! I love the blue hat picture-I will have to talk to you about you did that (blue hat, rest in black and white). Naomi really is precious. Jessi said she was absolutely adorable in person. Sorry I couldn't make it for the baptism-I was in MN.