Sunday, October 15, 2006

what did you do this weekend?

Greg and I finally got to celebrate our anniversary this weekend. We dropped Naomi off with Tom and Tami and went to the mall. We walked around a little bit and went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. The meal was amazing and I had lots of leftovers for lunch. We got a cheesecake too and boy was it good and it still is!!! It was great to be able to go out just the two of us even though we just had little Naomi only two weeks ago. I think it's really important for new parents to still have "date" nights and to make time for their relationship. If the marriage is not solid it will be hard to raise a child together and to teach them about relationships.

Greg got to work at the Cardinal game on Saturday, it was a great game for him to be able to watch. He was able to watch them practice before the game, even before batting practice started and he got two balls that went into the stands...his first Major League Baseballs at a game! Naomi and I went to help celebrate Josiah's second birthday, we had a great meal and great cake with lots of friends and baseball. It was a fun night. I ventured to church alone this morning with Naomi. Greg had to go early because he was lectoring at 9:20. Naomi wasn't quite ready to go that early so we met Greg there. Lots of people got to see Naomi today for the first time. They were very excited to see her and we got many compliments on how beautiful she is. Today was the sausage dinner at church so it was nice to not have to worry about lunch. Greg had to stay and wash dishes...they always have the field workers wash dishes but they get paid for it!

Looking forward to the Cards game tonight. Hope they have a good game and can give us another win!! I started another's a photo a day blog. I'm taking part in a challenge on a different web-site and I just want to take more pictures. You probably thought that I already take enough but I feel that you can never have too many pictures. I just wish I had a little bit of a better quality digital camera...oh well, maybe I will someday. Have a great week.

I'll leave you with a cute pic that I snapped of Naomi this morning before church.


Jen Reed said...

Yay! I love pictures - especially baby pics! Today's is great. And the picture site is fun, too! I've found I've been posting more pictures and fewer words, lately. But, you know what they say about a picture...!

Anonymous said...

jamie and looking at your pictures !!! naomi is beautiful ....she has to be, with parents like you !!! now, i really, really want a grandchild !!! jan b.

kristin said...

it was awesome to finally meet her!!!!!!!!!! again she is adorable!