Monday, October 30, 2006

welcomed to the kingdom

We are so excited to announce that our daughter is now a child of the heavenly Father. We traveled to Wisconsin on Friday night to have Naomi baptized at Grace on Sunday. It was great to introduce Naomi to her other grandpa, her aunts and uncles and her cousins. She was oohhed and aahhed over all weekend and there wasn't a moment when someone wasn't willing to hold her. The best part of the weekend came on Sunday when we brought Naomi to the font and all her sins were washed away. The old adam is gone and she is a new creation in Christ. We are so excited to have her as part of the family of God and to know that eternal life is hers now also. Her godparents are my sister, Tracey, Greg's brother-in-law, Doug, and my best friend, Julie. The day was great. We had a dinner after the service and spent the day with family and friends. It was incredible. Thanks be to God for this incredible gift of life for Naomi!

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