Friday, October 27, 2006

they win it all

The Cardinals have won the WORLD SERIES! How awesome. The only bad thing was that Greg and I were in the car driving to Wisconsin for Naomi's baptism when they won so we were only able to listen to it on the radio. It was so exciting though. My mom taped the end of the game on her DVR so we were able to see the celebration. I also saw some friends on TV that were at the game. The only way I was able to see them was it was a 62 inch high def TV, so it was cool to see someone I knew at the game. We're so excited that the Cardinals won. Greg claims that Naomi was good luck. She was born on the last day of the regular season and now I'll be able to remember what year the Cardinals won the World Series because it was the year she was born. Go CARDS!

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