Thursday, October 26, 2006

new life

I've been collecting the Willow Tree figurines by Demdaco for about a year now. I love the natural look and feel of these figurines. They just show so much about life and that's why I love them. So I treated myself to one the other day. I had a $30 gift certificate to the Family Christian Store and I decided that instead of buying books or music I'd buy this figurine (the "new life" figurine on the left). I figured that I can buy books and music at my online Christian bookstore, and since I can't get the Willow Tree figurines on there I thought it would be a perfect purchase. I like it and it looks good with the other ones. That's my story.


Cory and Kristin Wielert said...

Your figurines look nice. Kristin and I collect them too. We ahve them all over, but have not gotten the one you recently purchased. Anyway, your little one looks like she is growing and we also cannot wait for Liam and her to meet. Also--hooray for the Cardinals! We three hope all is well with you three.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever have to do an exegetical study paper? It's kind of rough, but I'm almost done! That's good, thought, because it's due tomorrow. It's a good experience, huh? Well, I should get back to my summarizing. Have a blessed day in the Lord, and tell Naomi "heyo" for me!
LOL w/ LOL-Jesus Style!