Friday, October 20, 2006

good mail day

I love mail just as much as the next person. Ever since Naomi was born we've been getting more real mail than normal and I love it. There have been so many great and thoughtful gifts sent for Naomi, lots of clothes, books and other little goodies for the little lady. Today, I got another package in the mail and I noticed that it was from Greg's cousin thoughtful was my first reaction and then I opened the package...YEAH! Goodies for me...and Naomi...I suppose! I'll be using all these goodies in Naomi's scrapbook, of which I have thought lots about but have not acted on yet! Thanks SO MUCH Rachel, I love all the goodies and cannot wait to play!
The next best thing to receive in the mail?...PAYCHECKS! We got one of those today too! What a good mail day!

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Jen Reed said...

FYI - Our Target has lots of scrapbook stuff on clearance right now, including a baby quotes and poems book. I was just there and resisted buying anything, but you, on the other hand, just got a paycheck! ;-)