Sunday, October 08, 2006

the first weekend out

Naomi got this onesie from my great Aunt Norma, I think it's funny but oh so cute!
We went to our friends house on Friday to hang out (I needed to get out of the house) and there were lots of other babies there. These three kiddos are two months old. The twins (Grace and Jeremiah) were born one day before Kathryn. From the top going clockwise, we've got Kathryn, Grace, Naomi and Jeremiah. They had a good time hanging out!
The second of many family photos!
Saturday, we ventured to the seminary because Greg was going to play tennis. He got part of the tennis game in. We had to leave because of an appointment with the lactation consultant. Naomi is now eating very well! We went to BW3's to celebrate Eric's birthday. Naomi and I only stay a little while and then Greg went back to watch the Husker game (we don't have cable) and hang out with his friends. We went to another friends house this morning so Greg and Tom could go to a talk. It was nice again to get out and Naomi sleeps most of the time so that makes it easy. So we've been out and about already and it's fun but tiring. I'm going to bed early tonight and probably for the rest of my life! But life with the little one is great and I wouldn't trade a minute of it...and let me tell you she can scream...but I still love her to death!
Oh and Naomi has a blog. I created it a long time ago but couldn't share it with anyone since we weren't telling her if you want to check it out feel free to do so!

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