Monday, October 09, 2006


I love this time of year. The weather and trees are changing. I've always loved the feeling of putting on a pair of jeans in the fall because it's not too hot that you have to wear shorts. I wasn't a huge fan of maternity jeans, they just didn't fit me right, but today I dug out my pre-preggo jeans and put them on. AHHH! What a great feeling that is! I love my jeans and I think I'll wear them all week, just because I can!

Naomi and I have been taking walks everyday and she loves it outside! I'm so excited that she is so adaptable to the many different things we're doing and making her do. I know she's still little and things could change as time goes on but I figure that if we get her to be a flexible person from the start that it will only help things in the future. Okay, those are my thoughts for the day. We've gotta go to the doctor! Have a great day and enjoy wearing your's the best!

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